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What’s new in ManageMyVessel.com Version 2011.9.18.0

New Features

  1. There is a new field called Display Name when you created or edit the account information in the fleet home page. The display name will be displayed in the GUI and is useful for several occassions. For example, if the company name is too long or if you want to identify the company with another name, such as its Vessel name.
  2. We added the capability to assign the Vessel Mandatory Documents and Crew Mandatory Documents to different sub account.
  3. A special permission called “All Accounts” is added to assign the permissions for global Links, Announcements, Safety Management Manual, Form Templates, Document Groups, Crew Mandatory Documents and Vessel Mandatory Documents to sub accounts. The All Accounts permission is useful if you want the global item to be visible to all sub accounts and you don’t have to worry about it when you add a new sub account to your fleet.

Bug Fixes

  1. The Change Picture feature in the home page does not work the second time around. The user must close the browser for it to work again.
  2. We replaced the menu item name in the Documents panel menu. “Document Groups” is replaced with “All Documents”. “Expired Document Groups” is replaced with “Expired Documents”. “Archived Document Groups” is replaced with “Archived Documents”.
  3. When opening the Crew Mandatory Documents for the first time, the group header for the document category appears blank until you refresh the page.

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